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“EVOLVE: A New Era Of Leadership” is a podcast evolving the concept of leadership. Of the human spirit. And showcasing people worth talking to. Hosted by Carolyn Swora

Episodes 21 to 30

Finding the leader within with Luke Iorio

Sometimes it feels like you’re on a hamster wheel chasing the next goal. But as you grow older, what you want out of life changes. You realise that your body is your lie detector. It will let you know when you haven’t processed a feeling or experience because the trauma and hurts gets stored in our bodies and in our nervous system. We often end up repeating patterns or loops because we don’t clear them. Anyone with a pulse has some level of influence or impact on someone. If you help others to show up authentically, they evolve and innovate more quickly. I always thought it was up to somebody else to make a difference until I realized that I’m somebody. We discussed topics such as how to be more present, overcoming burnout and the conscious and awakened ego. 

We discuss:

  • His experiences going through burnout and how he overcame that.

  • How feeling empathy and compassion for others helped him to feel that for himself.

  • What to do when your mind is racing and you want to become more present in the moment.

  • How to access the real wisdom, truth and consciousness by looking within.

  • That we need an awakened and conscious ego, not a static ego.

Connect with: Luke Iorio

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Traveling at the Speed of Human with Alain Hunkins

You can’t scale connection with humans.

This means you often have to slow down as a leader.

The last three years brought out the desperate need for showing more humanity in our workplaces. The need for safety and trust has increased dramatically. To nurture and empower your teams, you must become a facilitator rather than a commander-in-chief.

Where to start?

Join me and my guest, Alain Hunkins, as we discuss ways to connect with people better as modern leaders.

Alain Hunkins is an executive leadership coach with 25+ years of experience and the author of the book “Cracking the Leadership Code: Three Secrets to Building Strong Leaders.”

What we discuss:

  • Facilitators vs commander-in-chief styles of leadership.

  • How the need for humanity in the workplace has changed in the last three years.

  • Why there’s a need to slow down when operating with people.

  • Leadership insights Alain discovered after blogging about it for four years.

  • His personal leadership experiences with unconscious bias and microaggressions 

Connect with: Alain Hunkins

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How to Resonate as a Leader with Enrico Biscaro

Resonance is a uniting force that’s essential to human-centered leadership. Defined as “a vibration of a large amplitude in a system caused by a small, periodic stimulus”, resonance is about connection. So as an adaptive leader, how can you be that agent of change, making positive waves that resonate with those around you? Well, let’s find out, as we talk about resonance, resilience, empathy and how the best leaders tell amazing stories to sell an agenda.

This week’s special guest speaker is Enrico Biscaro, who’s traveled the globe as a human-centered leadership coach for more than fifteen years. A powerhouse in thought leadership, Biscaro’s accolades include coaching thirty first-time managers and publishing his first book, titled ‘Resonance: Stories and Strategies for Global Team Breakthroughs’.  

In this episode of Evolve we discuss:

  • How best to connect with people to resonate with them as a human-centered leader.

  • Providing a safe place for those around you to feel understood.

  •  The power of storytelling as a tool to identify with people in human-centered leadership.

  • Managing your own energy as an adaptive leader in order to protect yourself from burnout.

Enrico’s new book is now available to buy from Amazon.

You can also find Enrico here:

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Transforming your leadership from the inside out with Kristen Harcourt

Have you ever asked yourself; how do I want to show up?  

If something’s limiting you from being the best version of yourself at work, then you’re not alone. Many leaders struggle to show up as their whole selves. Work and productivity mode can be a great distractor and we find safety and comfort in not dealing with difficult emotions. Whether it’s cultural conditioning, systems of education, or your relationships with others that have been holding you back, it’s time to transform from a reactive leader to a human leader by becoming more self-aware.

In this week’s episode of ‘Evolve’, I talk to Kristin Harcourt about her mission to humanise the workplace and how transforming yourself starts from the inside out. Kristen describes herself as a disruptor of the status quo. She’s an executive coach, keynote speaker and leadership trainer, who believes that getting in touch with yourself makes you a stronger, empowered, and more confident leader. Listen to find out more about how Kristen de-layers people like onions, to help them become conscious and authentic leaders, with a human-centric approach to managing a team.

In this week’s episode of Evolve, we cover:

  • What it means to ‘humanise’ the workplace and create a place of safety at work.
  • Why it’s important to reconnect with your body to tackle workplace healing.
  • How self-awareness can be used as a tool to make you a more authentic leader.
  • How learning about yourself can be the most effective way to stop holding yourself back.
  • How showing up for yourself makes you a more conscious leader and a better role model.

Kristin’s podcast, ‘Inspirational Leadership’, is available on streaming platforms and a new episode is released every other week.

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How to Show Up as Your Most Authentic Self with Sandhya Sudhakar

Do you feel like you’re fitting into a shoebox at work? Maybe you feel like a chameleon, only showing the colors that blend in with your environment. Take a moment to stop and consider who it is you really are. In this week’s episode of ‘Evolve’, we discuss the difference between being intentional about your decisions, versus either choosing what’s easy, or you’ve been conditioned to think is the best next career move. 

In this episode of Evolve I’m joined by special guest, Sandhya Sudhakar, to discuss the inspirational story about how she regained control of her future. Sandhya had a high-flying career in a corporate company, but everything changed when she took a seven-month sabbatical. Having never really felt like the most authentic version of herself, Sandhya took a break to re-discover her motivations. Having cleared out the noise in her own mind, she founded ‘Self at Work’. Now self-employed as a certified leadership and career coach, she helps others to show up as their true self at work.

Also in this week’s episode of ‘Evolve’ with Sandhya Sudhakar:

  • Why it’s important to use different strengths and talents in the workplace
  • How social conditioning can teach us to be something we’re not
  • The importance of taking time to understand your motivations
  • How to create an environment as a leader, where people feel safe to show up fully
  • How to build a system around inclusivity and difference
  • Imposter syndrome and how it’s a false indicator

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Learn why imposter syndrome can be a barrier to authenticity:


Confronting ambitious conversations as a mindful leader with Sarah Jenner

What is the elephant in the room where you work? Leaders are equipped to deal with an abundance of challenges, but when it comes to psychological health, many find navigating this ‘ambiguous zone’ the most difficult part of being a leader. So, what is the best way to start ambitious conversations? In this week’s episode of ‘Evolve’, we get to grips with how to use human-centred leadership qualities to both respect employees and to define accountability.

With over 10 years’ experience creating leadership development programmes, Sarah Jenner is well-versed to talk about psychological health and safety in the workplace. In this episode, she introduces us to the incredible work that she does as Executive Director of the non-profit organisation, Mindful Employer Canada. Sarah is a huge believer that education is the answer to confronting ambitious conversations and is mindful of giving others grace, because people have different lived experiences.

Also in this episode of ‘Evolve’:

  • How to make ambitious conversations more comfortable.
  • How to support employees who are struggling at work.
  • How learning and development can teach employees and leaders to be more mindful.
  • Leadership that centres on trust, compassion, and honesty can create a positive culture.
  • Putting in place strategies and frameworks can help to confront ambitious conversations.
  • Having a community to discuss ideas can help people connect and grow in confidence.

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You can find the Mindful Employer Canada website here:

Reconnecting the head, mind and body with Maggie Hayes

Like a dog shaking after a bath, the movement of the body is a form of emotional expression. Humans have been socially conditioned to overlook the power of sensation in the modern world. We regulate our bodies by internally containing our stresses and emotions, leading to anxiety and the denial of natural self-expression. This episode is all about reconnecting our heads, hearts, and bodies through using movement, breathing and meditation.

From cold showers to dealing with anxiety, in this episode of ‘Evolve’, Maggie Hayes talks about what she’s learned from being a somatic mentor and embodiment guide. Over the past 10 years, Maggie has been on a journey that’s taught her the significance of reconnecting with the body to channel energy, and the importance of breath-work to stabilize the nervous system. Maggie’s work on The Core Rising Method specifically aims to help those healing from trauma.

In this episode of ‘Evolve’, we also touch on:

  • The three pillars of The Core Rising and how they help us reconnect with ourselves
  • How the body can help us to express stress
  • Unlearning socially conditioned methods of regulation
  • How breathing can be used to regulate stress
  • Why the vagus nerve is important and how it connects to the body
  • Basic breathing methodologies, like the ‘Breath of Fire’
  • Managing negative energy through meditation

Unlock the wisdom within your body, by starting to reconnect with it.

You can also connect with Maggie here:
Instagram: @itsmaggiehayes

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Rewiring our Nervous System to Evolve with Dr. Steve Hotz

What is the distinct ability you need to harness in order to expand, grow and evolve as a leader?

Not only for yourself, but for your team as well. 

The answer? It’s having the ability to understand the connections and patterns within our mind to past (and current) stories that keep us at a standstill. It becomes a choice to take those stories and transform them into powerful lessons of growth and possibility.

In this episode, Dr. Steve Hotz joins me for an empowering conversation about understanding our nervous system, its role in our personal and professional growth, and how we can leverage tactics to rewire our mind to become even more empowered versions of ourselves.

Dr. Steve Hotz is a clinical and health psychologist with deep roots in community medicine and population health. In addition to his academic career and clinical practice, he has worked and consulted in continuing professional development for health care providers from many disciplines on such topics as motivation, health behaviour change, and treatment adherence. His clinical work incorporates interpersonal neurobiology, neuroplasticity, attachment, and approaches to change and growth that utilize the potential of knowledge in these areas.

Also in this episode of ‘Evolve’:

  • [4:10] Our history working together
  • [8:25] The impact of our life circumstances based on endured trauma
  • [11:20] Our nervous system and its impact on our safety and emotional state
  • [18:35] The research behind ‘vulnerability’
  • [21:40] The acceptance of trauma and vulnerability
  • [22:40] Cognitive exercises of creating safety
  • [25:10] Co-regulating as leaders
  • [30:25] Being open to our own vulnerability and experiences
  • [38:45] Going into sympathetic overdrive 
  • [43:00] Rewiring our desire for balance 
  • [45:30] Getting in touch with your inner experience
  • [52:30] A moment that was very uncomfortable, yet full of tremendous insight about himself
  • [55:45] A practice or ritual that keeps him in a calm or regulated state
  • [58:20] A song or genre of music that makes him feel connected to others or part of something bigger than himself

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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You can find the Mindful Employer Canada website here:

The 5 Ps of Leading from the Heart with Dalia Feldheim

How can we gauge the power and impact of leading from the heart? Often overlooked, leading from this space can be empowering, and helps team members feel seen, safe and supported.

This week’s episode features Dalia Feldheim, a visionary leader reshaping the landscape of business leadership. Dalia’s journey began with a mission to inspire unconventional leadership approaches. Her pivotal role in the “Like a Girl” campaign at P&G underscores her knack for resonant messaging.

Dalia’s narrative of triumph isn’t devoid of challenges. A poignant encounter with a supervisor ignited her drive to harmonize authenticity in a dynamic environment. She imparts strategies for integrating personal identity into leadership at its most effective, and delves into the nuances of gender-diverse leadership styles.

At the core of this episode are the “5 Ps of Leading from the Heart,” a framework woven with empathy, empowerment, and ethics. Dalia sheds light on combating burnout through heart-centered leadership and transforming feedback into a catalyst for growth.

Discover her insights on fostering psychological safety, cultivating complementary teams, and unearthing pivotal moments of self-awareness. Dalia’s calming ritual and musical connection offer a glimpse into the soul of her authentic leadership philosophy. Tune in to be inspired, enlightened, and equipped to lead with heart.

In this episode of ‘Evolve’, we also touch on:

  • [3:20] What started her on the journey of encouraging business leaders to lead differently
  • [6:30] The “stickiness” behind the Like a Girl Campaign that made it so poignant 
  • [9:20] Having a past manager diminish her for her passions
  • [14:20] Adapting ourselves to fit the mold of the environment we’re in
  • [15:30] How to confidently bring all parts of you to your leadership style
  • [17:05] The differences between men and women leaders
  • [19:25] The 5 Ps of leading from the heart 
  • [21:25] Burnout as a silent crisis 
  • [24:40] ROI – interaction versus investment
  • [27:20] How psychological safety starts
  • [31:30] Looking at feedback as medicine
  • [37:50] Hiring complimentary skills
  • [46:55] A moment that gave her deepend self awareness
  • [47:45] A practice or ritual that helps keep her in a calm or more regulated state
  • [48:40] A song or genre of music that makes her feel connected to something bigger than herself

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Connect with Dalia

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Nurturing Well-Being Through Chiropractic Care and Nervous System Health with Dr. Maher Obeid

What is the intersection of holistic wellbeing and leadership?

In this insightful episode, Dr. Maher Obeid and I delve into the world of holistic well-being and the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care. We explore the origins of chiropractic practices, uncover signs of an underperforming nervous system, and discover how our daily work lives are intricately linked with our physical health.

Dr. Maher shares his expertise on recognizing the subtle indicators that our nervous system might not be functioning optimally. These signals, often overlooked, can profoundly affect our performance and engagement in our professional lives.

As the discussion unfolds, we turn our attention to the challenges faced by virtual workers in today’s digital age. Could the very technology designed to streamline our work be contributing to nervous system congestion? We shed light on this intriguing question and propose strategies to mitigate these effects.

We shift gears to discuss the role of leadership in fostering a culture of well-being. With actionable advice, we explore how leaders can create environments that prioritize employee health and, in turn, productivity. Ergonomics, or the lack thereof, emerges as a critical consideration in our technological age. We delve into the ergonomic challenges posed by modern work setups and discuss potential solutions for a healthier workspace.

Dr. Maher Obeid is a Canadian chiropractor who has over 17 years of clinical chiropractic experience. An honours graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic in the United States, Dr. Obeid also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He is an advocate for natural health care and provides chiropractic care for the entire family, from children to seniors.


Dr. Obeid treats his patients with a very holistic approach and views his cases through a neurological lens.

Join us for this captivating episode as we explore the intricacies of chiropractic care, nervous system health, and the profound impact they have on our overall well-being. Whether you’re a virtual worker, a leader, or simply curious about unlocking the secrets to a healthier life, this episode offers a wealth of insights to enrich your journey.

Also in this episode of ‘Evolve’:

  • [3:35] Investing in your well being and getting into chiropractic care
  • [6:55] Where the concept of chiropractic care came from
  • [8:30] Signs our nervous system isn’t working optimally, and how that impacts the ways in which we show up at work
  • [14:15] Things to be aware of as virtual workers that could be causing nervous system congestion
  • [16:20] ​​Using chiropractic care to help regulate the nervous system
  • [19:10] The key role our posture plays
  • [24:20] Ways we can be more aware of our posture and help our nervous system
  • [28:30] What leaders can do to create space for better health
  • [32:30] Lack of ergonomics
  • [39:45] A moment that gave him deepened self awareness
  • [40:50] A practice or ritual that he uses to regulate his nervous system
  • [41:55] A song or genre of music that makes him feel connected to something bigger than himself

Connect with Dr. Maher

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You can find the Mindful Employer Canada website here: