The Method

Most of us are stuck in a system that makes doing the right thing really hard. It's time to create an environment where people can show up authentically.

An Empowering Way to Unleash Your Team's Potential

The Evolve Model is an invitation to all post-pandemic leaders to look within and invite curiosity to help you explore unconscious behaviour patterns that are leading to burnout and dysfunctional team dynamics.

The Evolve Method

Close the Gap Between Your Intention and Your Impact

Values + Virtues

A deep analysis into understanding how values are impacting behaviours on your team and in your organization.

Relationships + Team Dynamics

Understand the unconscious motivators driving your behaviour and reactivity patterns. Then explore the team's dynamic with this insight.

Resilience + Well Being

Build the skills that are foundational to courage, resilience and psychosocial well being.

Implement for Lasting Change. Let Me Guide You.

An effective team starts with you.

For nearly two decades, Carolyn has assisted countless leaders and organizations in creating a courageous working environment that allows everyone to show up authentically and bring their unique skills to the table without burning out.


Analyzing Your Company Culture

  • Build the skills that are foundational to courage, resilience and psychosocial well being
  • Explore leading and lagging indicators to help you build a meaningful culture plan


Understanding You and Others

  • A deep exploration of what motivates your behaviours and how to create healthier relationships
  • Real time support in executing on new dynamics via onsite meeting facilitation


Becoming a Courageous Leader

Courage is a set of skills that leaders need to guide teams through uncertainty and disruption.

Resilience and wellbeing are connected to your ability to practice these courage skills.

Carolyn is a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator who will guide on this transformational experience.

Let's create a high-performing team together.

Explore the Evolve Model fully.

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