Leading Transformation with Courage and Compassion

who am I

A Mom of Two, Scholar, Author, Podcaster, And Former Corporate Leader Who Thinks with Her Heart.

Like so many leaders, I used to think that the best way to lead was by using your head…

That was until I myself fell into a spiral of becoming the confused high performer at work, coping with unresolved trauma by doubling down on my skills and chasing perfectionism. That was until I realized unresolved trauma significantly impacted how I, along with many others, performed at work. And so, I decided to leave my corporate job, and have since embarked on a rewarding journey of rediscovering myself while helping leaders like me make space for empathy and courage in their high-performing roles.

Let's circle back to you & your team again

We cannot perform as our best selves at work when we fail to understand who we are and what we can offer. My Evolve model helps you and your team create a brave space where everyone can get great work done without burning themselves out.

Leveraging the unique talents on a team can be challenging. I'm here to help you with that.

An Informed Approach

A Master’s Degree holder in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology with extensive knowledge in Enneagram, I’ve designed courses and workshops to help your team better understand the impact past trauma has on us, boosting your values as an organization through transformative change.

Shine Like the Gems That You Are

Certified With Purpose

Integrative Enneagram
Accredited Practitioner (2020)

Personal Resilience Practitioner
Resilience Alliance (2020)

Certified Dare to Lead™
Facilitator (2019)

Cultural Transformation
Certified Practitioner (2017)

Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2018)

Certified Practitioner, Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy (2022)

Let's create a high-performing team together.

Let's elevate
your next event.

As humans, we are very resilient, intelligent and capable beings, we naturally and unconsciously adopt adaptive and defensive coping behaviours (particularly professionally) that are very seldomly healthy long term.

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