Our world has changed.
And so has the way we work.

So, wouldn’t it make sense if our expectations around leadership changed as well? If we train leaders to respond to challenge. If we train leaders to get uncomfortable. If we train leaders to accept that uncertainty is not going to be a foundation from which to lead.
Reimagining Leadership™  trains people in three core areas; Courage, Resilience and Belonging… so that we can have organizations that don’t get mired and stuck in uncertainty; where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed, they are nurtured, and where leadership engages and transforms.

Are you looking for real, lasting and systemic change? Do you want to see a difference in leadership?

The Reimagining Leadership™ journey takes you, your team and your organization through the process of building and nurturing your courage, resilience and belonging skill sets. This is not a one and done approach. These training workshops require an investment of time and a commitment to personal growth.

Certified facilitator, Carolyn Swora uses  transformative and research-based materials in this work and creates inclusive safe spaces for deep reflection and personal growth.

For you.

Why invest in this for yourself
as an individual?

The biggest gift we can give ourselves is self-awareness and self compassion.  The Reimagining Leadership program focuses on courage, resilience and belonging and doing this work will reveal your authentic self. You will see leadership from new angles, embrace challenges big and small with confidence and be successful through ambiguous and unpredictable times. Let’s make that happen together.

For your team.

Why do this work with teams?

Teams are regularly tasked with solving difficult challenges and creating innovative solutions. How can you combine everyone’s strengths efficiently and effectively? Reimagining Leadership gives your team skills and a shared language that builds courage and resilience. It equips teams with the skills to enter into tough conversations together without tapping out and how to address the root cause of problems. As you collectively work towards performance objectives you can create a sense of belonging and unleash the potential every team member has to offer.

For your

Why do this work
with your organization?

Let’s scale this work throughout the entire organization and give everyone the opportunity to Reimagine Leadership. Investing in individual and team development is a driver of employee engagement. Not only that, imagine your company being more flexible and adaptable because employees have stronger resilience and courage to embrace tough conversations.

Let's connect and explore more together.

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