When you lead from a place of calm, everything falls into place.

How do we thrive when the world expects us to adapt?

The trauma and maladaptive habits we developed after spending years as high-performers at work sometimes creep up on us and leave us questioning every ounce of our being. Let’s start by understanding who we are again. 

A recovering over-achiever, like you.

A former leader at a multinational company, Carolyn Swora, is now a  trauma-informed leadership consultant specializing in leadership and organizational culture, after having gone through life-altering events and realizing the impact of unsolved trauma on her life.

An effective team starts with you.

For nearly two decades, Carolyn has assisted countless leaders and organizations in creating a courageous working environment that values curiosity, belonging and psychosocial wellbeing.

Thank you Carolyn for your openness, honesty and fact-based leadership guidance for what it takes to be a successful leader today.

Brad Furtney

President of Fieldpoint & Dynascape

I found Carolyn’s book timely and very relevant. I would recommend not just those in authoritative positions but everyone to read and benefit from this resource.

Sesil Pir

I/O Psychologist

Drawing from her deep personal experience and state-of-the-art leadership expertise, she puts leaders in touch with their most powerful leadership resource…themselves!

Steve Hotz


Finally, a book that tackles the real stuff – what is truly going on with individuals, in society and within organizations everywhere. Forever, people have been juggling work, life, mental and physical health, family, money, relationships and more with the expectation that in the office it is all work. 

Tara T


A New Era of Leadership.
Each episode of "EVOLVE: A New Era of Leadership" features Carolyn and a guest delving deep into the topics of trauma-informed leadership, self-regulation, self-awareness, and co-regulation in the post-pandemic era.

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