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We need to work with “Courage”. We need to work with “Resilience”. And we need to work with “Belonging”. These introductory videos can take you, your team and your organization through the process of building and nurturing your courage, resilience and belonging skill sets.

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Unlock your full potential through the Enneagram
(Asssessment + 2 coaching sessions)

Discover insights about yourself and uncover new pathways to your self-development.  With this package, you will receive a comprehensive enneagram profile report through iEQ9, a 90-minute debrief session of your results and a 60-minute following up coaching session to set up a personal development plan.

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Power Up & Lead with Resilience
(2 Individual Coaching Sessions)

Understand the relationship between energy and resilience and how it’s impacting your leadership.  You will complete a Resilience Questionnaire (from Resilience Alliance), learn about your 7 resilience muscles and how to strengthen them so you can effectively lead through challenge and disruption.  This package includes the assessment, a 60-minute debrief and a follow up coaching session to help keep you on track.

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Make Courage your Leadership Superpower
(12 Individual Coaching Sessions with the certified Dare to Lead™ curriculum)

Dare to LeadTM is a unique and powerful Leadership Development program that is transforming people and organizations, based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.  Over 12 individual sessions, you will learn the 4 courage skill sets and integrate them into your leadership.  As a result, you will be equipped to engage in the tough conversations and address fears on your team with new found confidence and skill.  At the conclusion of the sessions, you will receive an official Dare to LeadTM trained certificate and LinkedIn badge.

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