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If you told me a year ago that I would have a podcast, I would have said “no way“. Even when I started it earlier this year, I didn’t think it was would last. Now, here I am releasing Season 3 with no plans of slowing down. I have come to love this format, speaking with people about their experiences in the workplace and giving them a platform to share their stories.

We are at a critical time in the workplace. How can we be productive among so much transformation without feeling frustrated and hopeless? How can we build the skills, resilience and tenacity to thrive in our workplaces? How can we bring the humanity back into our work? One way is to share our stories.

This season my guests range from Business Owners, to CEOs, to VPs. It was such an honour to hear their experiences. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me!

Deb Coviello, “Engaging People Through Process”

With 30+ years experience in operational effectiveness and quality, I was keen to hear Deb’s perspective on purposeful workplace experiences. It came as no surprise that human connection was central to efficiency and effectiveness! Listen to the Podcast with Deb & Carolyn

Kerry Wekelo, “Actualizing the 9 Principles of Culture”

Imagine having zero people leave your organization. That’s what happened at Actualize Consulting where Kerry is the Chief Operating Officer. Turnover rates were once 33% and with a concerted focus on their people practices they changed that trend substantially. Once a financial services company, they now offer services in culture and leadership as well. Listen to the Podcast with Kerry & Carolyn

Craig Potvin, “Always Being On”

When leaders can show up and let their authentic self come shining through, it has a tremendous impact on the people around them. Let’s be clear though, that means discussing failures and admitting you don’t have all the answers. Craig’s stories embody what it means to be an authentic leader. Listen to the Podcast with Craig & Carolyn

Glain Roberts-McCabe, “Harnessing the Power the Collective”

The evolution of leadership development was a big theme in this episode with Glain. Companies have had leaders for decades but how and what they do to become great leaders has definitely changed. She’s been at the forefront of delivering practical learning experiences for leaders for decades and her insight was remarkable. Listen to the Podcast with Glain & Carolyn

Alan Schaefer, “The Sweet Music of Collaboration”

Combine the power of music and the science of collaboration and you’ve got one energizing conversation! Alan is the CEO of Banding Together and we had an excellent conversation about how you can actually measure collaboration and connect heads and hearts. It’s a process, not just an activity. Listen to the Podcast with Alan & Carolyn

Hernani Alves, “Balancing Accountability with the 3 P’s” 

Remember what it was like when you were a leader for the first time? Hernani does! In this podcast we talked about his experiences as a young leader, what he learned and how his humility and desire to serve people led him to be a successful President and CEO. Listen to Hernani and Carolyn

Carolyn Swora is a workplace culture architect and the creator of the Purposeful Workplace Experience™. She believes that we all share a role in evolving culture to create a thriving workplace. Join Carolyn in the conversation via emailLinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram. Carolyn’s book, “Rules of Engagement”, is available on Amazon.




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