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A week of private coaching and self-discovery for heart-driven leaders in high-pressure environments to reignite the spark of passion in their work so that they can lead with more balance, intention and drive real change.

Great leaders possess two main qualities:

1. Radical personal responsibility
2. Honesty

Spark Weeks

“Every interaction, every decision, every action taken by any leader, anywhere, is either a chance to connect with their people and unite their team or it’s a missed opportunity.”

Great leadership isn’t sharp suits and quick thinking. It’s muddy knees in the trenches, it’s feeling uncertain and going first anyway, it’s holding yourself and others accountable for the greater good (shared responsibility), it’s about being afraid to have the hard conversations (and going anyway). It’s taking responsibility for the parts that are yours, and not yours. It’s questioning the system and challenging norms. And it’s always being honest with kindness (minus the judgement), even when honesty is the most vulnerable thing to do.

This, whatever you call it – leadership, dedication, drive. This is what drives real change.

So, how do we, as leaders, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, people of influence and impact (or those of us who want to multiply our influence and impact), how do we get really honest and take radical personal responsibility?

First, we must really get to know ourselves.

Then, we must understand what our core values, triggers, unconscious patterns, drivers and motivations are.

And then, we must lead in a way that is in alignment with those things, while learning how to inspire and respect those of the people we lead.

The people who lead others for a living usually put self-leadership and care to one side, and this is one of the greatest tragedies of leadership.

You, no matter what, must always go first.
Spark Weeks

There are people like you who have the power to impact massive change and haven’t quite yet figured out the best way to stand out and break out of the box that you’re holding yourself in.

This is where Spark Weeks come in…

Spark weeks are unique because:
→  You get unique, private access to me, my expertise and my brain (with my 25 years of leadership experience and 6+ years as a leadership coach and Dare to Lead facilitator) in a shorter, less intensive and less time-consuming commitment than my usual private 1:1 coaching. This means we can get to a core challenge you’re facing quickly, and get you on a path to  thriving – and from that place momentum can be built to really start creating the change that you want.
→  I will save you time. Time that you’ve spent trying to figure out yourself so that you can show up better at work. Time spent trying to hack leadership courses and programs so that you can just get back to work. Time spent trying to decide if you’re in the right place. Time spent trying to avoid burnout, take care of yourself, your family, your team, your directors, your sponsors, your patients, your clients… everyone but yourself. In a short, intensive coaching format, we can achieve a lot without feeling like you’re distracting yourself from your work or your mission.
We’ll get together for 3 seperate, 1:1 coaching sessions over the course of a week. Short microbursts of coaching.
In session one: We’re going to explore your core motivators using the integrative enneagram methodology and how it influences your behaviour. This session is about defining – and owning – what it really means to even be successful for you and you alone, so that we can create a plan for you to experience more of what you want.
Are you more likely to: feel success when you reach a certain level of income? Or are you much more likely to feel fulfilled when you can take a vacation and really switch off? Go get your kids from the school run every day? Mentor others to find their own version of success in your world?
In session two: we’ll gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious patterns and self-limiting beliefs you’ve adapted to that underlie your behaviours and are likely only making your life and leadership more difficult than it needs to be.

How Spark weeks work…

If you’re desiring to:

→  Better understand yourself so that you can better lead your industry
→  Understand the most effective ways for you to communicate what’s really important to you to the people who matter to really drive change
→  Overcome imposter syndrome, lack of time and proper resources, burnout or generally feeling disconnected from your work / purpose / mission and you want to reignite that spark
→  Let old perfectionistic tendencies go, step into the perfectly imperfect human that you are, embrace vulnerability and commit to a better future
→  Get behind your best ideas, trust and back yourself 100%, and make a real difference with your work (but you’re feeling a little unsure how)
Then Spark Weeks are probably the perfect fit for you. Reach out for a quick chat and we can schedule a time that works for you. Limited spaces are available due to the nature of delivery.

Carolyn is a trauma informed leadership coach, consultant and Human Spirit Ignitor that supports impact-driven leaders within purpose-led organisations to truly understand themselves so that they can lead from their most empowered and greatest version to drive real change.

★ WHAT SHE DOES: Helps leaders who are committed to real change uncover the human reasons they’re not able to show up and lead in the way they want to, reintroduces them to their true wisdom and power by helping them to understand their own blindspots, and core strengths and gives them the very real, practical tools they need (and were never taught) to lead with confidence, compassion, vulnerability and inspire their teams to greatness.
★ WHY SHE DOES IT: Committing to understanding trauma, your own lived experiences and how it impacts who you are, is committing to leaving the world (and the people around you) better off. Trauma-informed leadership is non-negotiable in today’s complex and ever-changing professional world. And, I believe it is THE missing piece in every organisation that’s committed to impacting real, lasting change. Together we can change the world and the way we work and show up in it.