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Short, impact-driven personal coaching sessions for leaders and emerging leaders to ignite new levels of personal leadership so that they can show up better for others.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” — Brené Brown

Your centre of intelligence can tell you a lot about how you lead and how you live

I’ve spent the last six years working with heart-driven leaders from healthcare to nonprofit and everything in between. In my work I’ve discovered that most people want to be better.

Most writers want to be better writers.
Most artists want to create better art.
Most leaders want to be better leaders.

The challenge, I’ve discovered, that most people encounter, is that they lack the tools they need to lead themselves first.

Self-leadership allows you to practise radical personal responsibility, approach hard conversations with confidence, decide very clearly what you really want and create a plan to actually go out and get it. 

Understanding your own core motivations, emotional patterns and centres of intelligence (head, heart, gut) can, then, become a literal superpower.

… and I’ve seen this first hand to be true.

Introducing: Spark Sessions

Free, 30 minute personal coaching sessions to discover your dominant centre of intelligence and identify emotional patterns that are holding you back in leadership and in life.

First, you’ll fill out a short form so that we’ll save time by quickly uncovering the key areas you need to make changes right now.

Then, I’ll help you to define the key challenge that’s preventing you from seeing a greater level of impact or progress in those areas.

Then, You will use the microtest from my enneagram teachers and mentors at CP Enneagram Academy that are intentionally designed to give us a high-level hypothesis of the dominant centre of intelligence that captures your attention (unconsciously).

When we’re clear on your key challenge and probable dominant centre of intelligence, we’ll identify an example of how you’re unconsciously perceiving this situation and discuss it.


We’ll identify one action step that you can take away to keep the momentum to keep moving toward the reality that you want.The best part? I’m offering a handful of these sessions for free.

Spark Sessions are a great fit for you if:


→ You’re a leader or emerging leader and you love what you do and the people you work with, but have been feeling a little unmotivated, burned out or just generally disconnected from your purpose and you’re unsure how to reignite the passion you once felt for your work.


→ You are aware of certain emotional / personal challenges that are holding you back from leading in the way you really want to (like a fear of visibility, vulnerability, speaking up or asking for help) but you feel like you don’t have the right tools to experience sustainable transformation and show up for yourself in the way you really want to.


→ You have a desire to make a real impact and drive real change with your work, and you’re keen to uncover any ways you might be unconsciously holding yourself back so that you can be an even better leader and inspire your people to greatness.


→ You want to feel more balanced, connected, well rested and inspired (at work and in your life) versus always on the go, thinking about the next project or challenge.

Carolyn is a trauma informed leadership coach, consultant and Human Spirit Ignitor that supports impact-driven leaders within purpose-led organisations to truly understand themselves so that they can lead from their most empowered and greatest version to drive real change.

WHAT SHE DOES: Helps leaders who are committed to real change uncover the human reasons they’re not able to show up and lead in the way they want to, reintroduces them to their true wisdom and power by helping them to understand their own blindspots, and core strengths and gives them the very real, practical tools they need (and were never taught) to lead with confidence, compassion, vulnerability and inspire their teams to greatness.  

WHY SHE DOES IT: Committing to understanding trauma, your own lived experiences and how it impacts who you are, is committing to leaving the world (and the people around you) better off. Trauma-informed leadership is non-negotiable in today’s complex and ever-changing professional world. And, I believe it is THE missing piece in every organisation that’s committed to impacting real, lasting change. Together we can change the world and the way we work and show up in it.