Our world has changed.
And so has the way we work.
Reimagining Leadership™ trains people in three core areas; Courage, Resilience and Belonging… so that we can have organizations that don’t get mired and stuck in uncertainty; where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed, they are nurtured, and where leadership engages and transforms.

As a certified facilitator I use transformative and research-based materials in this work to create inclusive safe spaces for deep reflection and personal growth.
For you. Why invest in this for
yourself as an individual?
The Reimagining Leadership program focuses on courage, resilience and belonging and doing this work will reveal your authentic self. The first step to this process is to unlock your full potential through an Enneagram Assessment to discover insights about yourself and uncover new pathways to your self-development.
For your team. Why do this work with teams?
Equip your team with the skills and a shared language to enter into tough conversations together without tapping out and how to address the root cause of problems. Understanding the relationship between energy and resilience strengthens your 7 resilience muscles and you can effectively lead through challenge and disruption.
Why do this work with your organization?
When you scale this work throughout the entire organization, it gives everyone the opportunity to Reimagine Leadership™. Learn the 4 courage skill sets and how to integrate them into your leadership with a Dare to Lead™ program that transforms people and organizations, based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.
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