“As your host and the creator of PWE™,  I’m on a mission to help our workplaces shift from being transactional to being transformational, a place where people feel energized, inspired and motivated. PWE&ME is a podcast where we talk to thought leaders AND to people who work in organizations, regardless of their titles.”


“…I want to do things that are going to create traction that are going to make a difference. That’s always been really important to me, the stickiness of initiatives and organizations. So for me, if I were to look at those 13 factors, right out of the gate, the practicality of them is what really resonated with me, there’s nothing on this list. I’d imagine if people were just listening to those, they could probably pick up on those fairly, fairly easily. And what you see is kind of what you get in those descriptions.” — Stephanie Woodward, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and certified in the globally-recognized leadership assessment tool, The Leadership Circle Profile. She is also a Certified CMHA Psychological Health and Safety Advisor.


“…system thinking is totally not a new concept. And I do think that it’s not the way that we’ve been socialized to see organizations and so I think that it offers a different vantage point. So that’s why it’s important.” — Jane Watson, Senior People Partner, Klick Health; Founder, The Aperta Project; Master’s candidate, Human Systems Intervention Concordia University

“…we’ve got a feedback method that we call SBI-TIR. And it’s, it’s sort of an expectation. In fact, we’ve gamified it, where if you see a problem or an opportunity in the business or with a particular person, it is your responsibility. And we call it radical responsibility to do something about it.” — Edwin Jansen, Head of Corporate Development, The Ian Martin Group

“ …I’ll say the answer is valuing people. But because we’re all so different, …you just don’t wake up and say, Hey, I think I want to value. I mean, people can do that easily but for most of us and it just doesn’t happen. So I’ve put out this strategy and there’s five steps and that spelled out the word value.” — Darren Ford, Speaker, Author, & Trainer, SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources). Member, National Speakers Association (and North Texas NSA chapter)

“Our angle is to create a workplace where mental health is commonly discussed just like a common cold and I can say, Carolyn, My throat hurts today. And you can say, Well, my my grandmother used to give me this lemon and honey mixture and it would always help.” — Greg Swaine, Direct Support Professional at Ottawa Carleton Lifeskills INC. Culture Change Committee Member, Mental Health Team Lead

“But there’s so much more to just our well being raher than our physical well being right. There’s our mental or emotional, inner, spiritual, and I don’t think that we have made space for that full, wholesome perspective in the workplace. I do see more of it now.” — Catherine Harrison, President, Purple Voodoo Inc.

“that’s what led me to say I need to focus most of my attention now on leadership, great. And I changed the name of the company to Trinity advanced leadership. And we use the the philosophy that the three key parts of building leadership skill are the heart, the head, the hand.” — Bruce Manchion, CEO Trinity Advanced Leadership


“I go in, I look at the people, I look at the processes, I look at the different platforms, and what is the business issue they’re having, and then I shed light on it, and then I partner with the people I’m connected with, to pave the way out of whatever the crisis is, or,  move them to a better place.” — Deborah Coviello, Drop in CEO who builds solid foundations for companies to grow their business.

“So we were spending so much time recruiting and then re recruiting top talent into the organization. So it’s really our case study. And then once in 2016, we had zero people leave the organization, the partners are like, whatever you’ve been doing is really working.” — Kerry Wekelo, Chief Operating Officer, Actualize Consulting, Author: 9 Principles for Creating and Maintaining a Thriving Organizational Culture

“I think the biggest change for me was this concept of kind of always being on, you know, I find when you’re the leader, when people are looking to you, you know, they’re looking to you at times when you aren’t necessarily feeling at your best, or at times when you may not actually know the answer.” — Craig Potvin, Vice President-Sales, Marketing & Business Development at Fresenius Kabi Canada

“When we think about leadership development, it’s often all about… we’re going to send you off to this course.  As opposed to, we collectively are going to go and develop ourselves as leaders, and then look to see how we support each other. And that’s where we’ve got to make the shift.” — Glain Roberts-McCabe, Founder & President, The Roundtable

“… But once they know balance accountability is here to stay, you ask them, so, how much more time do you have to put into this and normally they go, you know, not much. It’s just kind of ironic… we’ll be in a meeting and my own team will hold each other accountable.” — Hernani Alves, Founder of Balanced IQ: Author: “Balanced Accountability”

“I think for the most part, when we just even hear the word collaboration, we have this preconceived notion. And at the end, there’s a few things that are really kind of keeping us all boxed in. And the first thing being, you know, collaboration, at least for us is it’s not just an activity, it’s a process.” — Alan Schaefer, CEO/Founder Banding People Together


“Sometimes the system can put roadblocks in your way. And it doesn’t mean you have to stop, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be human with someone else and connect with them.” — Mark LeBusque, Human – Provocateur – Author – Speaker

“…I look at leadership, the best leaders create more leaders. If you as a leader can create or develop a leader that’s better at your job than you are, then you’ve done a phenomenal job.” — Erin Allen, General Manager at Movati Athletic

“Write out what a perfect Tuesday looks like for you….Tuesday’s notoriously the worst day of the week. What does that look like? I promise you that there is an organization that will enable you to live your perfect Tuesday.  You just have to go find it.” — Eric Termuende, International Speaker – 200+ stages | Bestselling Author – Rethink Work

“…the idea of gratitude and how transformative it’s been.  I teach in some of my sessions about the power of gratitude and some simple tools to tap into it. Because I have just seen, it makes such a huge difference in my life. And then to hear back from other people what it’s done for them. It’s just been tremendous. It’s a it’s a absolute perspective changer.” — Dan Trommater, Chief Engagement Officer

“We had a relational foundation from which to enter into every conversation so that we can actually just tee up to where we’re having conversations and the relationship just allows us to enter into it.  I’m just humbly offering my perspective in the moment. And then that incites them to do the same.  That is the difference maker between high performing teams and low performing teams.” — Aaron Dimmock, Leadership Institute at Barry-Wehmiller Companies


“Do you believe culture can change from the bottom up? I do and it’s the driving sentiment behind my new podcast PWE&ME.” — Carolyn Swora, Workplace Culture Architect

“But what are the small things? it’s the stuff we already know. Things like sharing information to help others see the broader picture.” — Elena Iacono, Senior Project Manager, Wellness & Health Services, TELUS

“What people feel in their hearts has profound influence over their motivation & workplace performance.” – Mark C. Crowley, Speaker/Leadership Coach

“The quality of a great culture is based on the quality of the relationships and the quality of the relationships are based on the quality of the conversations being had.” — Jackie Lauer, Workplace Culture Expert And Executive Coach

“People want to be a part of something useful, valuable and bigger than themselves…” — Dnyan Shah, HR Global Business Head, Mphasis

“I’m here to tell you that every one of your business challenges is rooted in people matters. It’s so simple, yet so very complex to work through.” — Jen Mase Siegel, JMS Consulting Solutions

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