“As your host and the creator of PWE™,  I’m on a mission to help our workplaces shift from being transactional to being transformational, a place where people feel energized, inspired and motivated. PWE&ME is a podcast where we talk to thought leaders AND to people who work in organizations, regardless of their titles.”



Looking At Culture Through A Systems Lens – with guest Jane Watson

“…system thinking is totally not a new concept. And I do think that it's not the way that we've been socialized to see organizations and so I think that it offers a different vantage point. So that's why it's important.” — Jane Watson, Senior People Partner, Klick Health; Founder, The Aperta Project; Master’s candidate, Human Systems Intervention Concordia University


Gifting Feedback And Radical Responsibility — with guest Edwin Jansen

“…we've got a feedback method that we call SBI-TIR. And it's, it's sort of an expectation. In fact, we've gamified it, where if you see a problem or an opportunity in the business or with a particular person, it is your responsibility. And we call it radical responsibility to do something about it.” — Edwin Jansen, Head of Corporate Development, The Ian Martin Group


Building A Culture With V.A.L.U.E. – with guest Darren Ford

“ …I'll say the answer is valuing people. But because we're all so different, …you just don't wake up and say, Hey, I think I want to value. I mean, people can do that easily but for most of us and it just doesn't happen. So I've put out this strategy and there’s five steps and that spelled out the word value.” — Darren Ford, Speaker, Author, & Trainer, SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources). Member, National Speakers Association (and North Texas NSA chapter)


How Heavy Is That Armour? – with guest Greg Swaine

“Our angle is to create a workplace where mental health is commonly discussed just like a common cold and I can say, Carolyn, My throat hurts today. And you can say, Well, my my grandmother used to give me this lemon and honey mixture and it would always help.” — Greg Swaine, Direct Support Professional at Ottawa Carleton Lifeskills INC. Culture Change Committee Member, Mental Health Team Lead


Calling Out Emotional Literacy – with guest Catherine Harrison

“But there’s so much more to just our well being raher than our physical well being right. There’s our mental or emotional, inner, spiritual, and I don't think that we have made space for that full, wholesome perspective in the workplace. I do see more of it now.” — Catherine Harrison, President, Purple Voodoo Inc.


The Trinity Of Head, Heart And Hand – with guest Bruce Manchion

“that's what led me to say I need to focus most of my attention now on leadership, great. And I changed the name of the company to Trinity advanced leadership. And we use the the philosophy that the three key parts of building leadership skill are the heart, the head, the hand.” — Bruce Manchion, CEO Trinity Advanced Leadership