Thank you for offering to be a guest on my podcast! I’m looking forward to our discussion. Here are a few things I’d like to share with you about it. • To inspire people at all levels in organizations to create a great experience at work • To leverage insights from thought leaders and expand the conversation to middle managers and individual contributors. • To close the gap between individual contributors and leaders so that everyone feels empowered to create a workplace that allows people to grow and thrive.


IMPORTANT! Please ensure that you have booked your appointment to do the podcast (view below): Things you will need to do before the Podcast:

  1. Fill out the Podcast Registration Form (below)
  2. Send your BIO (preferrably 2-3 days before our recording date)
  3. Send head and shoulders shot or partial body (down to waist with hands) — minimum size (8x10 @ 300 pixels/inch or 10MB file) — colour or B/W — horizontal or landscape orientation —.JPG or .PNG format
  4. Review the Podcast Interview Brief PDF
  5. Meeting invite is a URL for ZenCastr.  Please use Google Chrome to connect to this link.