“Todays workplace requires cultures where people feel safe, seen, heard and respected. If your team or organization is struggling on these fronts, it’s time for a cultural shift.”

Full Dare To Lead™ Program

The full 16-hour Dare to Lead program delivered over delivered over 5 workshops or 2 days back-to-back.

Selected Dare to Lead™ Content

Options available for teams and organizations not ready to commit to the full curriculum.

Full Dare to Lead™ Program Content

The full Dare to Lead™ curriculum is 16 hours. Those completing the full curriculum receive a certificate of completion as well as a LinkedIn badge. There are two options for completion:

5 Workshops Program Option

Delivered over 5 workshops spaced at least two weeks apart, this program is ideal for small groups and teams that are highly committed to attending each session.

2 Day Back-To-Back Program Option

Delivered over 2 days back-to-back – this format is recommended for teams and organizations that only have the opportunity to come together at very specific times (for example, annual events or retreats).

Selected Dare to Lead™ Content

Selected Dare to Lead content is available for teams and organizations not ready to commit to the full curriculum, but who are looking to dig into specific, targeted content. The following offerings are available to provide you with specific, actionable elements of the content to begin to instill courageous leadership in your organization:

45-Minute Keynote

This keynote hones in on what it takes to become a courageous leader. I’ll introduce some of the key Dare to Lead™ concepts including: the call to courage, as well as armored leadership vs daring leadership

Leadership Toolkit: A 3-Hour Workshop

This workshop provides teams with specific tools to have deeper conversations to drive innovation and results. You’ll learn how to build a safe container at the outset of a meeting, how to develop and access your own grounded confidence, rumbling tools to help you navigate tough conversations, as well as how to rise following setbacks and failures.

Living Into Your Values: A 3-Hour Workshop

Clarity of values is critical to daring leadership, especially in moments of fear, uncertainty and discomfort. They ground you and support you in walking your own talk.

This workshop helps individuals and teams identify their values – those ways of being and behaving that you hold most important – and how to practice and live those values day-to-day. You’ll identify your values, as well as key behaviors tied to each one.

Building Trust: A 3-Hour Workshop

Most agree that trust is an essential ingredient in the workplace. Trust issues can threaten psychological safety which, in turn, impedes innovation and creativity. In this workshop, you’ll learn the 7 key behaviors of BRAVING trust – boundaries, reliability, accountability, vault, integrity, non-judgement, and generosity – and how to put them into action.

Bringing ideas forth, raising an objection, guiding a team through an emotional conversation – each of these scenarios is an example of a call to courage. Take the first step with a complimentary discovery call with Carolyn.

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