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“My programs have been designed to help you through these times and start to feel whole, excited and purpose-driven again. I come at the teaching of Courage, Resilience and Leadership not only with the accreditations and a career of sharing these concepts with many; but also from my own personal pivots that have happened at key points in my life.”

Due to the lengthy global pandemic, the reckoning with ourselves and our paths has become more difficult, more murky, more unstable. Many of us feel as though we’ve been shoved off the proverbial path and into something that doesn’t resemble much of our “old lives”.
We’re still working (probably a lot, some close to burnout), parenting 24/7, absorbing the full-time role of teaching, tech support, cook, cleaner, spouse (!)…. Doing it all. And doing it some more.
We live in a tenuous and unpredictable world full of deep systemic conflict, inequities and competing interests that will continue to knock us down until we can develop the skills in Resilience, Courage and Belonging to face them.

Complimentary Discovery Call

Let’s get to know each other so that I understand your goals and find the best fit for your needs.

Reveal Resilience

Delivered Virtually | 60 minutes

There is a known link between your energy and resilience.  Together we’ll discover what that looks like for you using a Resilience Assessment and create a plan to bring more energy to take on life’s challenges.

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Revitalize Workshop

Delivered Virtually | Two 60 minute sessions  | Option to bring a friend or small group

Community and connection are so key to feeling whole, especially now. Join me to learn and develop the critical skills of Courage, Resilience and Belonging to thrive in challenging times. Sessions will be delivered via the Dare to Lead™ curriculum.

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Rediscover Yourself

Delivered Virtually | 3 1-hour sessions

I will help you discover your Enneagram type and sub-type which you to understand patterns of behaviour that may be getting in your way of achieving what you want.
This program includes an Assessment, Debrief, and a Personal Coaching session to develop a personal plan based on findings.

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Prices do not include HST and PayPal transaction fees.