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Trauma-Informed Leadership
and Personal Development.

Discover how to lead in a way that is brave, empowering, effective and human.

Evolving leadership is, first and foremost, about evolving what we even believe leadership to be. It’s about understanding that in order to lead others well, we must learn self-leadership. It’s about understanding that in order to be great leaders, we must go first.
We must commit to our own growth. Our own radical acceptance.
Once we show up in a way that is accepting and loving of ourselves, even of the parts of us that we shame and believe we need to fix…
We give everyone around us permission to do the same.  And, that’s what great leadership really is. It’s being brave and vulnerable enough to go first.
To show others that it’s OK to be human. It’s safe to be themselves.
And, in that process, give them the environment and tools they need to thrive and rise into the greatest expression of who they are.

Evolve Mastermind is for the leader who knows this to be true, but struggles to show up as the greatest version of themselves.

For the leader who wants to revolutionise the way we work. For the leader looking for a change.
The leader looking for a way to manage the ambiguity and unpredictability of post-pandemic leadership and life with confidence and compassion.
The leader who wants to find their own authentic voice in the workplace instead of blindly adopting someone else’s beliefs or doing things “how they’ve always been done”.
Leaders looking to redefine their relationship with productivity – looking to loosen the grips of workplace pressures without lowering their performance.
Leaders who want to love what they do and lead as authentically as possible. Leaders looking to lead with heart AND head.
To be empathetic AND effective.
Leaders looking to provide more safety and connection and have a real, lasting impact with their work.
Evolve MasterMind
Evolve MasterMind

Accepting that professionally, we are dispensable.

Even the best leaders. Even the most productive leaders. Even the most talented leaders.
Nothing is guaranteed.
But, there IS one thing we can all do to make sure that, no matter what, our work makes a difference. We are remembered. Referred. Respected.
To make sure that career-advancement, impactful leadership and uncapped earning potential are a given. Regardless of what’s happening in the world or industries around us.
That one thing is to become an Evolved Leader.
And an Evolved Leader is a trauma-informed leader.
An Evolved Leader is a leader committed to Evolution.
Evolved leadership is to commit to our own personal growth, and to use proven strategies for leading others to greatness while respecting their humanity.
You don’t have to guess at this any longer. You don’t have to feel like you’ve been left to figure it out alone.

But, of course you want to be an Evolved Leader.

You want to be the best leader you can possibly be.

And you would, if you could just stop…

  • Getting angry in a meeting and not knowing why
  • Exploding emotionally onto people at work, or feeling close to it
  • Pushing the pace so fast that it seems you’re the only one who can keep up
  • Feeling like you’re letting people down because you don’t have the answer they’re looking for every time
  • Apologising automatically when asked a question
  • Feeling frustrated with teammates because they never seem to do it how you do, so you simply take on their tasks and then blame them
  • Giving up on participating in meetings because it’s too hard to keep up or you just don’t care anymore
  • Being so derailed by toxic behaviours in the workplace with no real tools to overcome it
  • Feeling overwhelmed by a performance-based mindset, not feeling good enough unless you’re achieving something new
  • Pushing yourself close to burnout over and over again and telling yourself “next week things will slow down” (but they almost never do)
  • Holding yourself to impossible standards, and expecting the same of others
  • Over-analyzing your every word, email, meeting, interaction
  • Blending work and life a little too much, leaving you no time to fully switch off

We all deserve to live in a world where self-leadership and personal development are non-negotiables. Where trauma-informed leadership is the norm. Where we all accept the responsibility of leadership regardless of our job title.

Understanding how you respond to workplace stress, your environment and how you can manage through it according to you and your own personality, preferences and natural tendencies could be the very thing that changes your life.

You can’t force your bosses, your industry, workplace culture to change overnight. But, you can transform how you cope with it all which is the biggest independent influence any of us can ever have on driving real change.

You might be thinking, “well this is all well and good, Carolyn. But my workplace doesn’t care about limiting beliefs, past trauma, or emotions; they care about money. Targets. Efficiency. Productivity”

And, here’s the truth:

Poor leadership costs time.

Poor leadership costs trust.

Poor leadership costs money.

It’s time we stop pretending that productivity is the primary driving force behind any workplace.

Because productivity isn’t the driving force… People are.

And trauma-informed leadership means compassion, kindness and acceptance are the foundational ways we create safety for our teams.

Evolve Mastermind is for the leader who knows this to be true, but struggles to show up as the greatest version of themselves.

Learn what it takes to lead yourself and others safely and effectively and in a trauma-informed way in a community of other leaders committed to self-awareness and growth.
Where you’ll learn real-world skills and tools for understanding yourself and others, showing you how to lead in a whole new way.

Introducing the 3 principles of an Evolved Leader. Our guiding curriculum for the duration of this program:

Pillar 1: Self awareness – observing patterns of behaviour
  • Explore vulnerability and reframe your relationships with it.. What are the myths? Which ones hold you back?
  • Understand the head, heart and body centres of intelligence. Which one is more accessible for you? What is unconsciously motivating your behaviours? (you will receive a detailed enneagram assessment called COMPASS)
Pillar 2: Self regulation – staying in control
  • What is the Window of tolerance
  • The power of Emotional literacy
  • Understanding the stories we tell ourself
Pillar 3: Co-regulation – managing your connection with others
  • Understanding what feels safe
  • Practices to use in the workplace
  • Personal routines to stay regulated
Evolve MasterMind
Evolve MasterMind

And here’s what our 3 months together will include.

  • Weekly 75 min sessions with the group and me as facilitator (12 sessions).
  • Teaching and coaching will be integrated. The sessions will be split into modules & material to learn with hot-seat style coaching so you can have all of your questions answered (and watch other leaders receive coaching on similar topics).
  • After each session, you will have an application plan to put the learning into action.
  • Each week – you will explore what you previously learned, make adjustments, and do it again to ensure integration and implementation of the teachings at its maximum.
  • An enneagram compass report.
  • Collaboration community on a platform called Howspace where you will be encouraged to collaborate with, learn from, share experiences and connect with each other in between sessions.
  • Access to content shared and additional content through Howspace
  • Free, signed copy of my upcoming book; Evolve: The Path to Trauma-Informed Leadership
  • A discounted 1:1 coaching package to partner with this experience (once month)
  • Guest speakers to support our integration of head, heart and body.
  • You will be invited to continue this work (should you choose to) in an ongoing coaching group that will be exclusively available to alumni of Evolve

Your investment:

$750 a month for 3 months OR $1999 when paid in full up front.

My mission with my work is to get this information into the hearts and minds of as many leaders as I can. This, I believe, is how I will contribute to a more fair and just society. I have priced this mastermind at a level that I think makes it accessible for most. If you are from a marginalised community and would like to discuss scholarship opportunities, please contact:

Who am I to teach this work?

I’m Carolyn. I’m an ex-pharma leader and recovering over-worker and people-pleaser. I’m now a trauma-informed leadership consultant, author and coach. I help organisations, leaders and individuals understand themselves, their unhelpful behaviours and adaptive defence-mechanisms in order to be the most effective, vibrant and alive, fully expressed versions of themselves so that everyone else around them has the permission to do the same.
I recently went through a complete personal transformation. The pandemic wiped my diary clear of the extensive travel I was so used to and gave me the unique opportunity to reflect, pause and take a look inwards.
I realise now in my past life as a corporate leader, how limited my understanding of leadership actually was. It’s not all about performing and cognitive problem solving abilities – that’s a facade.
Your ability to think clearly and effectively is completely impacted by your body’s ability to take in data around it – through your 5 senses. And, your body’s ability to process that data is impacted by trauma.
Trauma is NOT what we think it is. Trauma is stored in your body and impacts absolutely everything you do, think, say or believe.
In 2009, I lost my husband to a devastating form of renal cancer. Since then I’ve been working to untangle myself and my leadership from the difficulties life threw my way.
As I’ve woken up to the reality that my compulsion for overworking (either as an entrepreneur or employee, the pattern has been the same) is rooted in the trauma from my childhood and the loss of my husband, along with the fact that our workplace systems are designed to encourage and reward working excessively, I have begun to make learning about how to change these defaults the new focus of my work.
And, as I’ve started to see the HUGE shifts my clients are making as leaders and organisations as a whole, I realised that this work is more important than I ever realised possible and the idea of Evolve the Mastermind was born from people asking how they could continue to work with me and more deeply integrate these teachings into their lives and leadership, without having to go through corporate.
Because, while I know my story is sad, I also know that it isn’t entirely unique. The unfortunate reality is that most of us experience some kind of trauma in our lives. It might be an alcoholic father or a painful divorce. It could be an abusive home or simply repeated misunderstandings. A diagnosis. A misdiagnosis. A missed diagnosis. It could be the loss of a friend or a great love. A miscarriage or redundancy.
We will all meet grief, that’s a simple fact of life. Traumas, big and small, are a part of human life. The only thing that’s really certain is that we will experience lows at some point in our lives.
And, because, as humans, we are very resilient, intelligent and capable beings, we naturally and unconsciously adopt adaptive and defensive coping behaviours (particularly professionally) that are very seldomly healthy long term.
So, this is what I’ve dedicated my life’s work to understanding and supporting others to understand, too.
I’ve studied extensively. The Enneagram – to understand how our bodies are wired differently and the ways we react differently in the same situations. Courses and workshops – to better understand trauma and the impact it has on us, as well as how to work differently to respect these underlying difficulties. My master’s degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, a certification in Resilience, a certification in Workplace Culture Transformation and I’m a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator based on the research of Brené Brown.
And, I have designed my own frameworks and methodologies in order to help you become an Evolved and Evolving Leader.
I can’t wait to walk alongside you as you discover this important and impactful work.
Evolve MasterMind


How do I join?
There is a short application form to ensure this is a good fit for you. Upon acceptance, you will receive a learning agreement/partnership agreement with an invoice. Then you will receive a Welcome video and schedule
What time are the calls?
The calls will be held on Fridays between 12-2pm EST. We will start on March 3rd through to May 26th.
Is this not just another leadership course?
Evolve Mastermind is not about simple, overused and regurgitated leadership principles and frameworks. I have designed a very unique approach to understanding yourself, in order to lead others better. This program is as much about personal development as it is about leadership of others. The combination of teachings with coaching will give you a very immersive experience that you will be able to adapt to your own situation / leadership.
I’m not sure how comfortable I will be to do this work in a group setting. How private is it?
Evolve Mastermind has been designed as a mastermind intentionally. There are many proven benefits to this kind of training and experiential learning in a group setting. The coaching is never recorded or shared, and you will only be encouraged to share as much as you are comfortable with. Your own personal breakthroughs around your own experience may, and often do, happen privately. It’s up to you if you want to share those or simply integrate in your own way and life thereafter.
I’m already really busy. How can I fit this in?
Part of the work we will do together is helping you to unlearn the narrative of “busy” and teaching you to implement practices, routines and methods that will clear space in your life and work for your own personal development and coaching. It can feel scary to commit to the time at first, but having the space for your own growth and personal work is as important (and potentially profitable) as anything else in your work. We will work together to slowly integrate these new, more helpful beliefs into your life.
Can I pay through my company’s training budget ?
Many organizations provide funding for leadership development through a training budget. Please reach out to me directly and we can make arrangements to make that happen.