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I do and it’s the driving sentiment behind my new podcast PWE&ME.

I know the theory and I’ve professed it for several years in my work – culture is shaped by the CEO. I get it. I experienced it first hand for many years and I see it now with many of my clients. However, I also see exponential change creating a whole new workplace with a new set of rules. I believe the only way we are going to make work better and blast through the enduring employee engagement issue is to create successful, thriving subcultures within the larger organizational culture and that means everyone in a company can have an impact.

I believe we can all create a purposeful workplace experience (PWE) with a little courage and support from each other. 

That’s why I created the PWE&ME podcast, so everyone in the workplace can be involved in driving change and producing experiences that generate positive energy, build our confidence and make us happy.  We will talk to leading experts in culture and leadership as well as real people at all levels in an organization. We’ll share insights, ideas, successes and challenges. Real people, real teams, real world. it’s for all the people who won’t be in the C-Suite and who have the courage to make work human again.

You might not know how personal PWE is for me. The idea of creating experiences started almost fifteen years ago when I was happily married. We had two young boys under the age of two.  The only problem was that an uninvited guest had found its way into our family. Cancer. It started in my husband’s kidney and was spreading to his lungs, bone and brain. The doctors wouldn’t say the word terminal and they also wouldn’t say the word remission. It was a state of continuous uncertainty for six years.

I chose to focus my energy on creating happy experiences for our young family. Fun picnics just happened to be at the hospital during chemotherapy. Nighttime stories were in our bedroom because Daddy didn’t always feel well. I chose an optimistic mindset and created the conditions for positive experiences. There was no way that cancer was going to ruin my sons’ childhoods or our short time together as a family. When you ask the boys now about their younger years, they have many positive things to say, even though their Dad passed away before they ever stepped foot into elementary school.

If I could steward happiness within that climate, then I was convinced it could be done at the office. With deliberate and purposeful intention, I created a place at work for people to be themselves, to make mistakes and take chances. The result? More happiness and personal growth within the business realities of volatility and complexity. I wasn’t naïve though, I knew not everyone believed that my style was right for the business.

I do believe it’s the right thing for business now, and that’s why I’m producing the PWE&ME podcast. Our bureaucratic ways and overemphasis on efficiency has depleted humanity out of many workplaces. You have more control over your work experience than you might think. CEOs aren’t in every meeting and they don’t impact every connection between humans at work. Besides, the C-suite can’t do it on their own, if we are really going to transform our workplaces, everyone needs to play a role.

It’s time to be human, connect and share our voice. Welcome to PWE&ME.  The journey to a better workplace. You belong here.

Carolyn Swora is a workplace culture architect and the creator of the Purposeful Workplace Experience™. She believes that we all share a role in evolving culture to create a thriving workplace. Join Carolyn in the conversation via emailLinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram. Carolyn’s book, “Rules of Engagement”, is available on Amazon.

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