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I have a confession to make. I am one of those people who listens to Christmas music in early November.

Now before you judge me too harshly, I want to share with you why this is. And in fact, it’s only been this year that I’ve been able to figure out why I love listening to Christmas music and why I feel compelled to put that music on in my car, and in my home, non stop once the month of November starts. And it’s that the music brings me to a place in my heart that is full of joy.
It brings me back to being young and happy and feeling like a child again. And let’s face it, there aren’t many things in life, that bring us back to those times. For me, it’s Christmas music.
And so, this Christmas season, I hope you can find what makes you feel that joy. What makes you feel vulnerable enough to welcome in that feeling in your heart. Joy is one of the most vulnerable emotions that we can feel.
I know I’ve lived a good part of my life, trying to stop myself from feeling it. Because too often it feels like it’s get it gets taken away. But no more.

My goal for 2022 is to embrace life on a day to day basis with an open heart.

To receive the joy that’s out there, be it through music, be it through friendship, be it through any mode that I’m willing to receive.
I hope 2022 brings you lots of joy. I hope your holiday season however you spend it is filled with lots of joy and happiness.
Carolyn Swora
Carolyn Swora is a workplace culture architect who facilitates development in three core areas; Courage, Resilience and Belonging. Join Carolyn in a conversation via email, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Carolyn’s book, “Rules of Engagement”, is available on Amazon. You can also listen to PWE & ME, Carolyn’s Podcast.