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“Well, we’ve got another year almost in the books.
Goodbye 2022, You kicked my ass!”

I don’t know if you’re feeling the same way but the past year, but it was nothing like I thought it was gonna be. There was heartbreak. There was challenge. There was frustration. And at the same time, there are also some great memories, some happiness and joy, as well.

As we look into 2023, there’s still a lot of chaos. There’s a lot of heartbreak. There’s a lot of inequity that still exists out there. So how do we hold on to hope? How do we find our best selves and live our lives while trying to make change.

I’m going to invite you to give yourself a gift this season, and focus on yourself first. And the gift is one of self compassion. It’s been a tremendous asset to me this year, to learn the difference between empathy and compassion. And while my empathy skills continue to grow, being able to connect with other people and their emotion.

“This year, I’ve realized the importance of acting.
Of acting on that emotion and
doing something with it.”

And that’s compassion, acting on my own emotions with intention to give myself grace, to put practices into place, so that I don’t burn out. And self compassion is desperately needed as we try to live and exist and make change in this chaotic world.

So this holiday season, I’ll invite you to give yourself the gift of compassion.

Self compassion is about slowing down.
Finding times in your day to be present.
Taking action on how you’re feeling and
not just pushing it off to the side.

You can write in a journal. You can colour. You can reach out to a friend. you can pay attention to that inner critic voice and tell it to take a seat and invite another more compassionate voice into your head.

Whatever it is for you, I hope that you can bring more self compassion into 2023. And with that, it will allow you to be more courageous and more authentic.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. And that 2023 brings you health happiness and compassion.