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I believe that many of us wake up and face our lives, our workplaces, and we hold back. We hold back for fear of disrupting the status quo; for fear of upsetting people; for fear of being wrong; for fear of being right. We put on a mask and we go out and play this game of work and life.

I’m here to call B.S. on this game – this game that serves only a small percentage of our population – and to be that nudge, that voice, that creates an opening to imagine a different way of doing things. The world needs you – and each and every one of us – to be exactly who we are and breathe life into our talents every day. It can be scary to tap into this. We have preconceived notions. We worry about not being good enough.

I know because I’ve been there.

I’ve struggled, I’ve lost, I’ve questioned, I’ve stayed quiet, I’ve conformed, I’ve held back. I’ve achieved. I’ve climbed. I’ve led. I’ve taught. I’ve excelled. I’ve worked in non-profit. I’ve worked in Big Pharma. I have a bunch of degrees. I’ve succeeded, I’ve failed. And I’ve also risen.

What I know now is that it’s not about what you’ve been trained to do, or what you do, or where you do it. It is about how you do it. Regardless of your job title, how you show up is what really matters most. It’s also one of the toughest callings – to show up authentically, fully yourself.

I believe that when we all show up in this way – authentically, fully ourselves – we create the momentum for our teams to show up differently. Courage is contagious. And once we all show up differently, the system has no choice but to change. Then everyone can be served.

Call me your curiosity enabler, call me your courage Sherpa, call me your guide-by-the-side. I’m here to create a safe space for you and your team to explore, evolve and transform. To follow your curiosities. To build and summon your courage. To be the full expression of yourselves, and bring it to the world.

Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator
M.A. Industrial Organizational Psychology

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“Courage is not an inherent trait.
It is a learned skill.”

The Dare to Lead™ curriculum is based on the globally-recognized research and work of Dr. Brené Brown. Those who complete the program are equipped to live the tenets of daring leadership; that is, to be a courageous, whole-hearted leader who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and has the courage to develop that potential. This Dare to Lead™ material has  personally transformed me and helped me live into my power and lead from a truly authentic place.  I would love the opportunity to create a meaningful Dare to Lead™ experience with you.

We all encounter challenges, big and small.
The question is how do we deal with them.

Research shows that resilient people display a set of characteristics we think of as change muscles, each of which can be developed through awareness and consistent practice leading to new mental and behavioural habits. This resilience curriculum is from the research of Linda Hoopes from Resilience Alliance. Understand what your seven resilience muscles are and how you can build them through small micro challenges, ultimately equipping you for the bigger adversity when it shows up. This work has given me skills to manage my energy with more efficiency, be more adaptable to changing circumstances leading me to solve problems faster and with more creativity. Is this something you would like?

“Organizations don’t transform, people do.”

Helping leaders understand the power of values so they can practice them daily instead of just professing them. Using the tools from the Barrett Values centre, we use values to understand the culture of the organization, what’s working well and what’s getting in the way. Move from a conventional team focused on achievement to one that is truly making a difference and empowering. Use the voice of employees as the foundation of your organizational transformation.  The tools from BVC create commitment and generate deep insights to power your change.

Welcome to the PWE & ME Podcast

“As your host and the creator of PWE™,  I’m on a mission to help our workplaces shift from being transactional to being transformational, a place where people feel energized, inspired and motivated. PWE&ME is a podcast where we talk to thought leaders AND to people who work in organizations, regardless of their titles.”

“Carolyn is passionate about developing people, building high performing teams and creating thriving workplace cultures. Her belief is that workplaces need to evolve and focus on the employee experience. As a speaker and author, her passion glows and it’s clear that she has a strong dedication and desire to transform the world of work.”

Rules of Engagement

“In Carolyn’s book, she encourages us to seek out, develop, define and decide our purpose as it relates to being part of—and indeed establishing—a meaningful workplace. “Everyone is a leader,” she correctly observes, and as she deftly and persuasively argues throughout the following pages, it is up to us as team members and leaders to create such a sense of purpose. That is for ourselves, the people we work with, and the organization that employs us.” Foreword by Dan Pontefract, Bestselling author of Flat Army and The Purpose Effect

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